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Main Course (Vegetarian)

  • Mixed Vegetables - Assorted fresh vegetables cooked in mild sauce with herbs & spices
  • Aloo Baingan - Fresh potatoes & aubegines cooked in spicy masalla
  • Aloo Gobhi - potato & cauliflower cooked in curry sauce with herbs and spices
  • Aloo Methi - potatoes cooked in spicy masalla with Indian herbs
  • Baingan massalla - Fresh aubegines cooked in spicy masalla
  • Bombay Aloo - potato cooked in hot spicy sauce
  • Tarka Daal - lentil curry spiced with sizzling oil
  • Channa Massalla - chick peas cooked in spicy sauce & garnished with herbs & spices
  • Chilli Paneer - Indian cheese with fresh green chillies in a spicy curry sauce
  • Daal Makhani - Black lentils in rich creamy butter sauce
  • Mattar Paneer - cheese cubes lightly cooked in a mild curry sauce
  • Mirchi Ka Salan - chillies cooked in a spicy sauce with fresh ginger
  • Mixed Vegetable Kofta - minced vegetable balls slowly cooked in a curry sauce
  • Mushroom Massalla - button mushrooms cooked with fresh herbs & spices
  • Palak Paneer - Indian cheese cooked in fresh spinach
  • Saag Aloo - fresh spinach cooked with potato in a mild sauce
  • Sweet Corn Massalla - corn cooked with spicy masalla sauce
  • Zeera Aloo - potatoes cooked in a spicy sauce stir fried with cumin seed

Main Course (Chicken)

  • Balti Chicken - Sizzling lamb cooked with a mixture of herbs & spices
  • Butter Chicken - Chicken cooked in a creamy butter sauce
  • Chicken Jalfrezi - Chicken cooked with peppers in a spicy curry sauce
  • Chicken Korma - Authentic style Korma or if preferred in Mild & creamy sauce
  • Chicken Kebab Masalla - Spicy minced chicken prepared on skewers & cooked in tandoori oven then stir fried in a spicy curry sauce
  • Tawa Chicken Keema - Minced Chicken cooked in ground herbs & spices
  • Karahi Chicken - Chicken cooked in a sizzling Indian wok with a spicy dry sauce garnished with herbs
  • Malai Zeera Chicken - Chicken cooked in a creamy sauce & seasoned with cumin seeds & spices
  • Chicken Achari - Lamb cooked with pickle ingredients in a spicy sauce
  • Chicken Jalfrezi - Chicken cooked with peppers & onions in a spicy masalla sauce
  • Makhani Chicken - Mild chicken dish cooked in a rich butter cream sauce
  • Chicken Rogan - Chicken cooked with fresh ground dry roasted spices, onions and capsicums
  • Chicken Tikka Massalla - Chicken cubes marinated & freshly cooked in clay oven then slowly left to shimmer with spices in a karahi
  • Rajasthani Murgh - (Med
  • Mumbai Malai Murgh Masala - For a quick Mumbai style feast of Indian spices pan fried with a malai masala
  • Baraati Khaana - Authentic traditional wedding recipe for all of your Sikrandi Murgh (Hot) Chicken Drumstick marinated in hot Indian spicy sauce
  • Chicken Bhuna - Authentic Traditional Haandi Cooked left simmering for full flavor