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Main Course (Vegetarian)

  • Mix vegetable curry (seasonal vegetable cooked with spices)
  • Stir fried vegetable (stir fried seasonal vegetable with spices)
  • Aloo bengan (aubergine cooked with baby potato)
  • Dum aloo (potato cooked slowly with tomato & seasoned with mustard seeds)
  • Bengan masala (aubergine cooked with spices & mustard)
  • Saag aloo (spinach leaf cooked with baby potato)
  • Chilli paneer (paneer fried with onion peppers with chilli sauce)
  • Matar paneer (indian cottage cheese cooked fresh & dry methi in a traditional punjabi sauce)
  • Chana masala (boiled chick peas cooked in a special masala sauce)
  • Malai kofte (creamy paneer dumplings simmered in a light curry sauce)
  • Bhindi masala (fresh okra sautéed with dry roasted spices, onion & dried tomatoes)
  • Palak cholay (chick peas with fresh spinach
  • Shahi korma (mashed fresh cottage cheese, green peas & cashewnuts)
  • Tarka daal (slowly cooked red lentils with garlic & red chilli tarka)
  • Mung daal bhuna (mung daal slowly cooked in a thick gravy)
  • Daal makhni (black urid lentils slowly cooked until creamy and irresistible)
  • Chana daal (chana daal cooked with spices)

Mains (Lamb)

  • Meat bhuna (authentic lamb curry cooked in a thick sauce either on or off the bone)
  • Meat Rezala (meat cooked with selected spices with yogurt & cream)
  • Masala meat (tender lamb cooked with onion tomato ginger & garlic masala)
  • Achari meat (lamb cooked with pickling spices)
  • Keema bhuna (pan fried keema with spices)
  • Lamb chop bhuna (lamb chops cooked slowly in a thick gravy)
  • Meat shatkora (meat cooked with special spices & shatkora)
  • Saag ghost (tender lamb cooked with baby spinach leaf)

Main Course (Chicken)

  • Balti chicken (chicken cooked with spices in balti sauce)
  • Chicken bhuna (chicken cooked with spices & onion)
  • Chicken Jalfrezi (spicy chicken curry cooked with peppers)
  • Chicken karahi (spicy chicken cooked with special spices & mouth - watering sauce)
  • Chicken korma (chicken cooked with rich korma sauce)
  • Chicken tikka bhuna (chicken tikka cooked with onion & spices)
  • Chicken tikka masala (chicken tikka simmered in a special red sauce)
  • Malai zeera chicken (chicken cube cooked with hint of whole jeera spices & fresh cream)
  • Chicken makhani (chicken cooked in a mild gravy, enriched with cream & butter)
  • Chicken achari (chicken cooked with pickling spices)
  • Nargisi kofte (chicken minced stuffed with egg & cooked in a mild curry sauce)
  • Saag chicken (chicken cooked with baby spinach leaf)
  • Deshi roast chicken (marinated roasted chicken simmered in a rich mouth - watering gravy)

Sea Food Main Course

  • Rohu fish bhuna (fried rohu fish cooked in a thick gravy)
  • Rohu dopiyaza (fried rohu fish cooked with onion with a thick gravy)
  • Fish fillet bhuna (fish fillet cooked in a thick gravy)
  • Whole rupchanda bhuna (whole fried rupchanda fish cooked with onion)
  • Saag prawn (baby spinach leaf with prawn)
  • King prawn bhuna (spicy king prawn cooked in a special thick sauce)

Beef Main Course

  • Beef bhuna shatkora (beef brisket cooked with spices & shatkora)
  • Beef bhuna (beef cooked in a special thick gravy)
  • Beef with aloo (beef cooked with baby potato in a light gravy)