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May 26, 2013

Asian Wedding Catering in Comberton

Pride of Asia Deliver in Comberton

Pride of Asia, the renowned Asian wedding caterer has a coming event on Sunday the 26th May at the beautiful Comberton and arts leisure center location which is famous for the arts; hosting many shows and theatrical performances. 800 guests are expected to dine from their world famous cuisine and their chef; the envy of most Asian wedding caterers will be busy preparing the lovely and tasty dishes so commonly associated with Pride of Asia. Amongst the many food options are guest favorites the chicken tika prawn butterfly, chicken jalfrezi and the chocolate fountain. It is simply delicious and exciting if you have never tried it.

As soon as the wedding was confirmed, Pride of Asia (POA) started preparing the decorations and the theme for the wedding in accordance to the bride and grooms taste. On the day the venue will be transformed into an eastern theme with work going on round the clock until perfection is matched.

Traditionally Asian weddings tend to be one of the brightest and well decorated weddings out there. On many occasions you will find live bands singing traditional romantic songs such as those made famous by Bollywood stars or even the rural local talent. Now most weddings do have bands and decoration but the eastern theme is difficult to topple. Don’t be surprised to see a full blown party erupting all of a sudden, people coming of their seats and dancing, the cameras rolling and a mini Bollywood like scene developing.

 Asian weddings tend to always be a special occasion; two families joining together often through months of arrangements where both parties usually are experiencing love for the very first time. The scene is vivid and right, colorful and trendy. The setting perfectly arranged and the atmosphere warm. Vows are exchanged and prayers are offered, then comes the lunch; stomachs at the ready guests dig in two starters consisting of kebabs, samosas, spring rolls and prawns. Not nearly content and in mid salivation the waiters arrive timely to deliver the main course; both options of pilau rice and plain rice served with Pride of Asia’s special meat and chicken curries. They think it’s all over, (next on offer is the deserts sweet and tasty finny to top it all up), it is now as famously quoted by Kenneth Wolstenholmes sums up the meal nicely.

Overall this is what to expect at one of Pride of Asia’s events, after all the customers are buying not only the food, but the occasion; the dream wedding and expect nothing less. For years and years people have been using POA to cement their love together whilst tucking into some of the best food around, and why not, POA is world famous and offers a premium service at affordable prices; a truly valuable addition to the wedding and catering industry. The east London based company is leagues ahead of the nearest competition, our bloggers suggests trying their cuisine first at their local restaurant. After all, tasting is believing.


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