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Privacy Statement

Pride of Asia believes that winning the trust of our clients is essential to our ability to work closely with them and help them achieve the outcomes they desire. To this end, Pride of Asia operates strict company policies and procedures which ensure that conflicts of interest can never occur. These policies include the following stipulations:

  • Project management is arranged so that there is no overlap in the make up of project teams where possible conflict of interest could occur.
  • Project-specific information is treated as strictly confidential and is made privy only to Pride of Asia employees on the project team.
  • Information for each project and supporting materials are stored independently so that cross penetration / over of information between projects cannot occur.
  • All Pride of Asia client correspondence is treated in the strictest confidence and Pride of Asia staff respect the sensibilities and discretion that client independence demands.
  • Pride of Asia is a paid subscriber to the Data Protection Act and abides by all subsequent codes of conduct entailed therein.